Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal for all hair types and colour, but ideal for facial hair that is grey or white that laser hair removal cannot target.

At Essence of Beauty, we use the method of Thermolysis (high frequency) electrolysis – where the hair follicle is destroyed by heat energy.

A tiny disposable sterile needle is inserted into the hair follicle where a low level of electrical current passes through the needle into the skin and destroys the hair follicle.

The process of electrolysis can be slow varying from person to person and can require several treatment sessions to destroy the hair follicle. It is however a great treatment to treat smaller areas such as the chin area where a cluster of hair is generally found close together.

If you are thinking of having electrolysis we recommend that you start with a 5 min session where you will experience how the treatment feels.  From here your electrologist will help you build a plan for your future treatments.

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags on the face, neck and body are usually made up of loose fibrous tissue sometimes even containing pigment.
By using an advanced electrolysis technique which involves cauterising them they can now be eliminated.