Strip Waxing

A fast and effective way to remove unwanted hair using cream or honey wax.

Strip wax requires strips for removal whereas hot wax hardens on its own and doesn’t require strips to be removed.

Strip wax adheres to the hair follicle and the skin, providing a speedy application with an extra-strong grip making it ideal for larger and less sensitive areas of the body such as the arms, legs back, and shoulders.

Hot Waxing

Remove stubborn hairs, virtually pain-free, suitable for sensitive skin, and helps eliminate ingrown hairs.

Hot wax adheres to the hair follicle ( versus the skin) working well on coarse hair as areas can be waxed multiple times without irritating the skin. Since hot wax shrink-wraps the hair it is often gentler on delicate skin like the face, nose included. Hot wax is typically also used for areas of the bikini, Brazilian, Hollywood, and underarm area as it tends to be a little less painful leaving no sticky residue after the wax.