Laser Hair Removal

Please note a consultation and patch test is required 7 days prior to your first treatment.

Note: For laser hair removal treatments only patch tests can be booked online. For course treatments, you will have to call the salon directly on 020 8518 7784 during working hours to schedule an appointment.

Laser Hair Removal

Essence of Beauty would like to welcome you to our innovative Laser Clinic. We are proud to announce the introduction of our highly advanced laser technology. Our FDA approved Medical Grade 4 Laser system provides a whole host of options catering for all skin types including Asian and Black skin.

As well as Laser Hair Removal we are now able to offer treatments that extend to Skin Rejuvenation/Skin Tightening and Vein Removal.

We invite you to attend a consultation with one of our highly trained therapists who will conduct a thorough fact find and provide expert advice and consult on the course of treatment that would be most suitable for you.


Laser services we offer

  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Men’s Laser Hair Removal
  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation/Tightening
  • RF Skin Tightening


Laser Hair Removal

There are many treatments that will get rid of unwanted hair temporarily having to be repeated again over time to give you long-term results. Our laser at  EOB is the most advanced and state-of-the-art technology. This Grade 4 medical laser has the prestigious FDA clearance for laser hair removal and is CE marked therefore more effective than other machines on the market (in particular IPL) preventing the re-growth of hair permanently, re-leasing you from the bother of removing unsightly hair.

Achieve Smooth, Beautiful Skin

Gentle Laser can successfully treat the widest range of skin and hair colours. The Gentle Laser Hair Removal systems provide a safe wavelength for protecting all skin types at the surface while effectively destroying the hair follicles for long-lasting results.

Gentle Laser technology from Candela targets the hair follicle with laser energy, destroying it at its root while preserving the surrounding skin:

  • Smoother skin, free of unwanted hair
  • Effective
  • Ultra-fast


What are Gentle Hair Removal Treatments like?

Laser energy is delivered through a small handpiece operated by your practitioner. The laser delivers an intense beam of light, which is absorbed by the hair follicle and converted to heat. The heat damages the hair follicle while the surrounding tissue remains unaffected. Your skin may be red immediately following the procedure. This typically lasts from a few minutes to several hours after the procedure.

Are the treatments painful?

Gentle Hair Removal treatments use a patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™), which prepares the skin for treatment by spraying the upper layer with a cooling burst of cryogen just milliseconds before the laser pulse. DCD helps ensure that Gentle Hair Removal treatments are as comfortable as they are effective.

What precautions should I take throughout this process?

Avoid sun exposure at least two weeks before treatment. Do not bleach, pluck or wax 4 to 6 weeks before and after treatment. Wait for tanned skin to fade before beginning treatment.

Common questions and concerns

How long do Gentle Hair Removal treatments take?

Treatment times will vary depending on the specific area being treated, but this effective, ultra-fast treatment typically takes from 20 mins for some body areas and as little as 5/10 mins for facial areas.

How many treatments will I need to have?

To achieve optimal results, treatments should be received regularly until the course is completed. Normally we suggest every 4 weeks for facial hair and every 6 weeks for everywhere else. Our experience is that you should plan for a minimum of 6/9 treatments depending on hair colour, skin type, and area you are treating.

Is gentle laser hair removal safe to treat Asian and Black skin?

Yes! Other laser hair removal treatments don’t cater to all skin types, but thanks to a new innovation, women of all skin tones and hair colours can finally take advantage of permanent laser hair removal. At EOB we have expert experience in successfully treating all skin types including Asian and Black skin. Our Gold Standard Hair Removal System is gentle and relatively painless with a patented Dynamic Cooling Device making it far more comfortable to treat.

Laser treatments for men

  • Men’s Laser Hair Removal
  • Gentle Laser Hair Removal
  • Successfully treat the widest range of skin types and hair colours
  • Ultra-fast with excellent results
  • Safe and pain-free

FDA cleared and CE marked
The leading medical hair removal treatment is used by over 10,000 doctors around the world.
Laser hair removal works just as well for men as it does for women. So if you are amongst the ever-growing group of men who simply want to have permanent hair removal then you have come to the right place. Thanks to our Patented Dynamic Cooling Device you will mostly feel temporary mild discomfort making it less painful than waxing or other hair removals.

If you have dark coarse hair you probably experience ingrown hairs as well as razor burns on the neck from daily shaving. Using our laser hair removal system on these areas or areas like the back and chest will mean you will no longer need to worry about the bother of waxing or shaving again permanently.

The most common areas treated here at EOB include the back, chest, upper arms, cheeks, neck area, and ears.

Please note we cannot treat inside the nose or inner ear.

Note: For laser hair removal treatments only patch tests can be booked online. For course treatments, you will have to call the salon directly on 020 8518 7784 during working hours to schedule an appointment.